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Supercharge your case management with Advanced Routing

Discover how Vault Platform can activate everyone in your business ecosystem – including employees, customers, shareholders, and suppliers – to uncover, resolve, and prevent misconduct.


What are the benefits of Advanced Routing?

To empower Vault users to manage all new cases much more quickly, easily and effectively, we’ve created our new Advanced Routing feature. Routing enables organisations to greatly boost efficiency when it comes to allocating and assigning case management, saving vital time and effort.

  • Automatically triage cases as soon as they’re submitted
  • Push all cases to a single individual for initial assessment
  • Get case management moving in a swift, speedy, and effective manner
  • Increase the precision of key processes

How to assign cases with Advanced Routing

Routing 4

Step 1Find the Routing configurations page

You need to have an admin or super admin account to access this page. Find it within the Administration section of the menu.
Groups 2

Step 2Set up new groups

You must do this first to establish routing rules. Go to the ‘Users and Groups’ page. To add a group, select the button in the top right.
Routing 1

Step 3Create new Routing rules

Go to the Routing page. Click the “New Routing Rule” button on the top right corner. Each new rule will be added to the bottom of your list of rules.
Routing 3

Step 4Decide priority order for your rules

Drag and drop to create your desired hierarchy of rules. The order will determine precedence, so keep the more specific routing rules closest to the top.

Discover what Advanced Routing can do for your Case Management processes

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